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About project
A team of Utena's youth came to the idea of making an international project the aim of which is cooperation among youth of several countries trying to know and understand each others better.

Project language - English.

We have written and sent a project to Lithuanian - Polish Youth Exchange Fund to cover arrival- return and accommodation costs for the project participants.


The project 'OSWIECIM - MY TOWN,YOUR DISCOVERY' was granted financing so we are happy that we'll be able to continue it. We are also gratefull to our project partners for the possibility to visit Oswiecim at the beginning of June. We are looking forward to meeting our partners.

1. Algis Bernotas (teacher)
2. Rita Lasavičienė (teacher)
3. Edvinas Jurgelionis
4. Ovidijus Stauskas
5. Karolis Ruzgas
6. Algirdas Sviklius
7. Indrė Urbonaitė
8. Gerda Mieliauskaitė
9. Eglė Daugsevičiūtė
10. Jomantė Juknaitė
11. Eventas Bidlauskas
12. Kamilė Laurinavičiūtė
13. Guoda Cibaitė
14. Martyna Baltakytė
15. Ieva Puodžiukaitė
1. Joanna Formas (teacher)
2. Jolanta Bąk (teacher)
3. Piotrek Gancarczyk
4. Maciek Grubka
5. Krzysztof Jurecki
6. Dawid Kryniewski
7. Maciek Orlicki
8. Katarzyna Krupa
9. Ania Żurek
10. Joanna Środa
11. Barbara Czarkowska
12. Sabina Wojtyczek
13. Justyna Kolasa
14. Agata Ponikowska
15. Katarzyna Taranowska

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The sixth day (Saturday) (video and photos added)
2009-06-12, 21:02:26
Ovidijus Stauskas

Oh, dear... It's really hard for me to write this paragraph because Saturday was the very last day in Poland.

We exchanged huge smiles between each other in the morning. Polish students looked quite upset because of our journey back to Lithuania. After last breakfast we went straight to a cosy study, where we had presented the film about Lithuania and the presentations of ourselves the day before. During that short meeting Polish teachers Joanna Formas and Jolanta Bąk generalized the results of the international project "OSWIECIM - MY TOWN,YOUR DISCOVERY". They felt really thankful and excited about the opportunity for tourists to meet the most beautiful and important places of Oswiecim. The opportunity (interactive map, which is full of hints) was created by Polish and Lithuanian youth. :) Of course, our head teacher Algis had a chance to share his opinion about the international relationship too. According to his speech, it looked like the project would have a very bright future! At last the both groups of students commented their impressions and discoveries during the project week. All the Lithuanians felt really sweeten up, because Polish students gave us special blue bags which were full of small but lovely gifts like pens or guide books. We were also surprised by people from local media, who had come to make a video report about Lithuanians visit. Karolis, Guoda, Algis and both Macieks had an opportunity to express themselves in front of the camera.

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The fifth day (Friday)
2009-06-06, 10:01:47
Guoda Cibaitė

Golly gosh! Time is running so fast in here. Today probably, was the most exciting adventurous and the most exhausting day. First of all, we had an early morning, but the weather was really attracting.

Our bus was taking us to Krakow the unique city of Poland with its rich culture and history.

At the beginning we visited the biggest shopping center in Easten Europe - Krakow gallery. One of our girls Ieva spent there almost all her money. Just think, how irresistable the gallery was.

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The fourth day (Thursday)
2009-06-06, 10:01:47
Eventas Bidlauskas

On thursday we were in Konarski high school, where our Poland friends learn. It was very nice, because all students were sitting in the classrooms and having lessons, but we were working on our project. It was very interesting, because we had a lot of time for jokes and other funny things. The project was about Oswiecim and we had to find information about famous places and find a lot of photos. So, it was very interesting to find out something new about our new friends and their town.

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The third day (Wednesday)
2009-06-04, 23:34:22
Ovidijus Stauskas

Wednesday started quite early because we had breakfast at 7.30 p.m. Mmmm… Yoghurt!!! At 8.10 p.m. we started our trip through the concentration camp called Auschwitz. We'd seen this "line of old buildings" a few days before, but I, actually, hadn't expected to see such a shocking place... Our group met our new friends from Poland, but, unfortunately, they didn't come with us. We were so lucky, because our tour guide was a very sociable and intelligent person.

We spent three hours having a look into consequences of Jewish genocide. Our group saw originally furnished lagers, some stuff of killed Jews.

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The second day (Tuesday)
2009-06-03, 22:12:40
Guoda, Kamilė ir Gerda

7 a.m. - the alarm goes off. Oh, it's so early! After a sleepless night we leave our warm beds. No sun outside, but Lithuanian youth is ready for new challenges. Breakfast, oh the glorious breakfast and here are our friends from Poland!

The first part of the day begins with meeting a German catholic priest, who has been living in Oświęcim for more than twenty years. In the meeting we had a dicussion about Israel, German and Polish people relations after the World War II (Holocaust). After a long and exhausting walk to the Jewish centre we met a pleasant Polish guide. He presented us the history of Oświęcim Jewish people. We've been divided into groups and we had to find out the answers to the questions related to Jews history in the town.

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The first day (Monday)
2009-06-02, 8:18:46
Jomantė ir Karolis

The way was long. And at last..! We came to hotel at 10 a.m. And what we saw..? We were in big shock. No one could imagine, that we will live like that. The hotel from outside was awesome, and the room... no one could imagine, that we will live like in a 5 star hotel. :)

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Day of the trip (Sunday)
2009-06-01, 12:57:34
Ovidijus Stauskas

So, it's a day when our International Project started. Actually, the very beginning is on Monday but now we're on the road to Poland. It's 2.30 a. m. and it's "just" 500 km left until our destination, Oswiecim, will be reached.

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